Craig (Episode 8395)
First appearance 27th May 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Lindon

Craig was a friend of Tony Stewart's who met up with Tracy Barlow with a van full of stolen electrical goods in May 2014. Tony already had previous dealings with Tracy and her partner Rob Donovan, selling on stolen second hand goods for Barlow's Buys and originally asked for assistance from Rob, however he refused to be involved.

On the night of Tracy and Rob's engagement party, she was able to slip out of the Rovers to meet up with Craig who, after commenting on her choice of attire, handed over the keys to the van and asked if she knew where she was going. Tracy drove the vehicle back to Tony's lock-up where the stolen goods were then offloaded.

Credited as "Tony's Friend", the character's Christian name is given on this website which comprehensively lists actor Chris Lindon's other roles.

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