Craig Wilson was a ne'er-do-well mate of Steve McDonald's involved with stolen car radios in December 1991.

Craig's name was given to the police by Liz McDonald after Steve was questioned about stolen radios he'd sold to Alf Roberts and Mavis Wilton. Steve pleaded innocence, swearing that he'd bought the radios in good faith from a scrapyard belonging to a mate's dad. Steve was protecting Craig and his mates out of fear that they'd beat him up. Craig was brought in after Andy gave Liz his name along with the rest of the gang's - ringleader Carl Redfern, Stuart Cunliffe, Scott Mason and Micky Robinson - allowing the police to seize a dozen radios from them.

A week later, having all been charged by police, the gang started menacing Steve and after hanging around in the ginnel, followed him and girlfriend Victoria Arden to the Cine City cinema in Manchester. Having paid to watch the film showing on screen 3, Steve and Vicky managed to leave via the fire exit and gave the gang the slip as they were waiting around the front of the building. Later, the gang spotted Andy leaving the video shop in the Queens Shopping Precinct and set about him, after Andy revealed that he was the one who'd shopped them.

The case was heard at City Magistrates Court during January 1992, but Steve was the only one to face the court as the police dropped the case against Redfern due to "inconsistencies". Steve was fined £100.

The character's appearances were uncredited.