Crouper (2011 character)
Occupation Croupier
First appearance 21st February 2011
Last appearance 29th May 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rachael McGuinness

The Croupier was employed at the Monogram casino where Steve and Becky McDonald along with their friends Lloyd Mullaney and Cheryl Gray enjoyed a night out in February 2011. Becky and Cheryl initially played roulette and sipped champagne but they soon lost their free chips and joined Steve and Lloyd at the blackjack table. A run of good fortune saw Steve leave the casino winning thousands.

In May of the same year, a despondent Steve returned to the casino having taken money from the Rovers till, after learning about Tracy Barlow's plans to leave Weatherfield with their daughter Amy. Losing the money he took with him and having withdrawn more cash from a bank card to continue playing, both the croupier and friend Dev Alahan tried to persuade Steve from further gambling. Eventually, Dev handed Steve's chips back to the croupier and the pair left the establishment.

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