Weatherfield recorder curzon road

Weatherfield Recorder office entrance on Curzon Street

Curzon Street was a street in Weatherfield where Weatherfield Library was located. It consisted mainly of shop units, including, at one time or another, the Weatherfield Recorder office, Weatherfield Security Systems, and Maggie's Flowers.

The Recorder office moved there in July 1988 when Ken Barlow bought Bob Statham's 60% share of the paper, becoming its full owner, and moved it from its previous base at Neptune House. Ken sold the paper to the Gazette in January 1990.

Alan Bradley opened his burglar alarm shop at 72 Curzon Street to expand his security business in January 1989. The venture was short-lived, as he'd obtained a loan fraudulently from the Castlewell Building Society by posing as Len Fairclough to mortgage 7 Coronation Street. His crimes were uncovered by Rita Fairclough that March, and she immediately cleared the matter with the building society, who reclaimed their loan.

The street exterior was seen in Episode 2231 (18th August 1982), Episode 2905 (30th January 1989), Episode 2908 (8th February 1989), Episode 2981 (20th October 1989), Episode 3013 (3rd January 1990), Episode 3601 (1st October 1993), Episode 3605 (11th October 1993), Episode 3779 (18th November 1994) and Episode 8321 (12th February 2014). Location OB recording was conducted at different streets according to the premises that were needed. 72 Curzon Street was in fact 72 Broad Street in Pendleton, Salford.

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