Custody Officer Mair
Custody officer
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 26th November 2009
Last appearance 6th February 2017
Number of appearances 3
Played by James Mair

After Tony Gordon walked voluntarily into Weatherfield Police Station in November 2009 and handed himself in, he was formally interviewed and subsequently taken to the custody suite.

Once there, the Custody Officer read out the information written on the charge sheet: That on 16th October 2008 in the county of Greater Manchester, that he did murder Liam Connor contrary to common law. Also, that on 16th November 2009 he attempted to murder Royston Cropper contrary to common law. Tony was asked to sign the charge forms and was advised that he'd be remanded in custody overnight and appear before Weatherfield Magistrates Court the following day. Just before a remorseful Tony was led to the cells, he asked DS Smith to inform Maria Connor of the charges.

Seven years later, in May 2016, he inducted virtually all of the Platt family into the station after the body of Callum Logan was found in a covered manhole under the converted garage annex of 8 Coronation Street. When it came to Sarah Platt's turn he asked her if she was taking any medication or had any medical condition that they should know of before she was taken to the interview room.

In February 2017, Rosie and Sophie Webster were the ones arrested, on suspicion of importing class A drugs into the country. Rosie's self-absorbed millenial attitudes puzzled the officer when she asked for luxuries such as a complimentary fruit bowl and gave her occupation as a model/hostess. She complained that the station was comedown and the officer sarcastically told her that when Versace came calling it would look good in her memoirs.

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