Custody Sergeant 5684
Custody Sergeant
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 2nd February 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Eamonn Fleming

When Chesney Brown was caught shoplifting in The Kabin by Rita Sullivan in January 2004, she gave him a quick clip round the ear. He then tried to make a quick getaway and banged his head in the attempt. Rapacious mother Cilla Brown saw this as an opportunity to make some money from Rita by claiming compensation for the "injuries" her son had endured following this assault.

Rita was reported to the police and taken to court where she was found guilty and told that she had to pay five hundred pounds compensation to Chesney, at which point she lost her temper and told the Magistrate and his two colleagues on the bench just what she thought of them. Norris also shouted his opinion from the gallery at which the two were charged with contempt of court. Leah Mirrelson, Rita's solicitor, advised them to both apologise. Norris did so at Rita's bidding and was set free but she gave the magistrates another dose of her vitriol and was kept in the cells overnight. The Custody Sergeant escorted her to the cells and seeing that he had a bewildered old lady on his hands, he spoke kindly and gently to her, promising her a cup of tea as well as something to eat and apologising for having to close the door on her. Despite his kindness, Rita broke down as the door clanged shut on her.

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