First appearance 28th September 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tommy Ryan

Will was a customer eating at the Elm Cafe between Weatherfield and Skipton when Frank Bradley and Bet Lynch stopped by there in September 1970. While eating, Will eyed up waitress Judy Cookson while she was dancing to the jukebox and commented that she was a lovely mover, to which Judy replied that he should have a go himself and get some fat off. Judy then saw Frank's lorry pull up and asked Will to put song 15a on the box, as she was planning to make a play for Frank. However, her intentions towards Frank were obvious to Bet, who convinced Frank not to stay long at the cafe. As they left, Judy slammed Bet's tea mug down on Will's table, causing the thirsty customer to ask if it was going spare.

Will was uncredited, despite having several lines of dialogue.

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