Customer 264
First appearance 24th June 1963
Number of appearances 1
Played by Doris Wellings

The Customer was an elderly woman who was nearly Frank Barlow's first customer at his new DIY shop in 1963. Her arrival preceded the opening of the shop but the woman seemed unconcerned with this technicality as she asked for casters for chairs, interrupting Frank as he was preparing for the shop's grand opening with the help of Florrie Lindley.

The shop not yet fully stocked, Frank informed the customer that casters were on order, leaving her to follow Florrie's suggestion to buy them from another shop past the traffic lights. To Frank's dismay, her only acquisition from the shop was a free cake which had been put out for the opening. Fortunately, his day improved from there and the grand opening was a huge success.

Doris Wellings also played a shop customer three months later in Episode 290 (23rd September 1963) who may have been this character.

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