Customer 265
First appearance 26th June 1963
Number of appearances 1
Played by Betty Morton Powell

The Customer at Miami Modes was caught in the middle of a power struggle between Elsie Tanner and newly promoted department supervisor Christine Appleby when she was dress shopping there in 1963.

While attending to the large woman, Elsie was called away to answer a telephone call, clearing it with the customer first. Naturally, Elsie had a lengthy chat with the caller and was gone for some time, and when she returned to the aisle she found Christine picking out a size 46 dress for the customer. Although the woman wasn't inconvenienced by the wait, Christine reprimanded Elsie in front of the customer before directing the woman to the changing rooms. This led a furious Elsie to complain about Christine to personnel, believing that the power had gone to her old friend's head.

The unnamed customer was played by actress Betty Morton Powell who was married to Arthur Leslie (Jack Walker).

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