Customer (Episode 7115)
Occupation Businesswoman
First appearance 8th July 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Rachael Hayden

The unnamed Customer dropped off her BMW at Websters' Auto Centre in July 2009 after a tyre had been slashed. Stating that she needed it repaired as soon as possible since she was in meetings all afternoon, garage owner Kevin Webster told her to come back and collect her car around 2pm.

After Kevin had completed work on the woman's car and business partner Tyrone Dobbs had been called out on a breakdown, Tyrone's wife Molly came over to find out if Kevin wanted to go out with her for lunch and the pair headed off in the customer's car - wanting to be alone together since beginning an illicit affair.

The woman returned later in the afternoon to find that her car wasn't at the garage and spoke to Tyrone, who offered the explanation that Kevin had merely taken the vehicle out for a test drive. Frustrated that she had left important papers for her meetings in the car, it was more than an hour later when Kevin finally returned alone (after dropping Molly off in a nearby street). The customer snapped at both men and losing his temper himself, Kevin told her to "take her flash car and get lost".

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