Customer 8192
First appearance 16th August 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Daniel Kirk-Hall

The unnamed Customer in Nick's Bistro complained when he and his dining companion were waiting for their dessert of two sticky toffee pudding's. Eva Price was on the point of exiting the kitchen to bring it to them when she saw Michelle Connor at the bar and beat a hasty retreat. This was due to the fact that earlier in the day she had lied to Michelle about needing time off from Underworld for a 3.00pm dental appointment in order to help her sister Leanne Tilsley out in the bistro following Nick Tilsley's car accident and hospitalisation. The customer "helpfully" pointed Eva out as the lady who had their order and Michelle realised the deception that had taken place. She reprimanded her but understood the situation they were all in and promised to speak to Carla Connor to work something out for future shift patterns.

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