Customs Officer 5401
Customs Officer
First appearance 16th December 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Phil Croft

Vikram Desai caught a gambling addiction in late 2002 which led to him owing gangsters eight thousand pounds. To pay off the debt, he obeyed the orders of Damian Rodd, their “debt collector” to carry out a couple of drugs smuggling runs, firstly to the Caribbean and the second to Tenerife. Taking along unsuspecting dupe Maria Sutherland on the first trip, it went without a hitch. The second, with equally innocent Steve and Karen McDonald did not go so well when Karen’s case, with the drugs hidden in them by Vik, was damaged in transit. Vik had to stop her complaining vociferously at Manchester Airport and finally had to confess why Karen shouldn’t kick up a fuss with the authorities. The McDonalds were furious but felt they had little choice but to try and exit the airport with the drugs. On the way out though, a Customs Officer stopped them and questioned them as a matter of routine. Vik though, had walked through customs with the case containing the drugs and thus the Officer found nothing. The McDonalds did have to answer the Officer’s question though as to why their cases had no women’s clothing in them, aside from Karen’s bikini!

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