Cyclist 8151
First appearance 19th June 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Michael Forrest

The unnamed Cyclist was encountered by David Platt in the Cheshire countryside when on a walk in June 2013. David had discovered twenty-four hours earlier that his wife Kylie had had a fling with his half-brother Nick Tilsley the previous Christmas Day and that the baby she was expecting might also be Nick’s.

Kylie had organised a surprise night away in a cottage in Cheshire and David barely slept the night. His mind in a maelstrom of emotions, David slipped away from the cottage and walked round with no set purpose. The cyclist was changing a tyre in the middle of the path and David curtly asked him to move his machine. The man refused and David, in no mood for the niceties of life, picked it up and threw it aside. The furious man yelled at him, asking him if he was insane. David responded by going for something in his pocket and the frightened man backed off. David ran off and the cyclist found his courage and yelled “nutter!” after him.

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