DC Brooks and his superior officer DS Kline investigated the abduction of Ruby Soames by her father Tyrone Dobbs in February 2013. He had been driven to such lengths when his violet and abusive girlfriend Kirsty Soames had manipulated the situation to her benefit by getting him arrested on a charge of assaulting her and was denying him full access to their child. After several months of being battered by Kirsty, Tyrone had sheltered in a friendship with Fiz Stape which had developed into something more. It was the discovery of this romance that had led Kirsty into making the false accusation and taking his daughter away from him.

With Kevin Webster's help, Tyrone snatched the child when he was babysitting her while Kirsty and Sally went for a drink in the Rovers. When Tyrone's actions were discovered, Kirsty went looking for him and also discovered that Fiz and her daughter Hope were missing. The police were called and DS Kline asked for photographs and the car registration number, telling a nervous Kevin that they would be taking a statement from him later. When searching 9 Coronation Street, they found that the house had been broken into and Ruby's passport were missing. This led Kline to put out an alert at all the ports and airports and prevented the couple trying to flee using a Liverpool ferry.

Brooks interviewed Kevin about his part in the abduction, making it quite clear by his questions and closing statment that he didn't believe the truth of the story that he was being told.

After a few days without success, the police suggested a televised appeal but before this plan could be put into effect, the police caught up with the Tryone in Anglesey when Fiz rang them up and gave themselves in, convinced that running away wouldn't solve anything. It was Brooks who broke the news to Kirsty of the arrest and the successful recovery of Ruby. Tyrone was charged with ABH on Kirsty and remanded for trial.

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