DC Gough
DC Gough
Occupation Police Detective Constable
First appearance 3rd January 2000
Last appearance 5th January 2000
Number of appearances 2
Played by Robert Calvert

DC Gough was the detective who investigated the raid on the Rovers Return Inn after the Street's Millennium party in January 2000 by two Villains sent by Jez Quigley. He questioned Vinny Sorrell on his whereabouts in the hours leading up to the raid and elicited a statement that he had been seeing a woman named Pauline Scott in Salford, much to the anger of landlady and girlfriend Natalie Barnes however when Gough had gone, Vinny confessed that he actually had a daughter named Lisa by her and it was her that he went to see.

When he was allowed to, Gough interviewed Leanne Battersby who was in Weatherfield General after being knocked unconscious in the raid but, knowing full well that Jez was behind the event, and watching him grinning from the hospital room doorway, she claimed she was unable to remember anything.

Devoid of leads, the police investigation came to nothing.

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