DC Kay
DC Kay
Occupation Detective constable
First appearance 24th September 1997
Last appearance 3rd January 1999
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jennifer Hennessy

Following Sally Webster's assault on Natalie Horrocks in September 1997, DC Kay was called in to arrest Sally, but backed off after viewing the incident as a domestic case. She advised Sally that even if the police did drop the charges against her, Natalie could still take her through the courts.

Some fifteen months later in January 1999, DC Kay had dealings with Sally again; this time when she reported Greg Kelly for hitting her. DC Kay and Det. Sgt. Trotter called at 5 Coronation Street looking for Greg who had been staying there with his father Les Battersby but had since disappeared. Les said that the allegations were baloney and he was a highly successful businessman but Det Con Kay tartly pointed out that didn’t sound like the sort of man who was kipping on his dad’s settee. Les didn’t endear himself to either Kay or Janice Battersby when he said that Sally had made the allegation because Greg had dumped her and that it was a typical move by “a pathetic woman”.

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