DC Moore and her colleague DC Redfern led the investigation into the assault on Tracy Barlow who had been found unconscious and with head wounds in the backyard of 1 Coronation Street. Distraught mother Deirdre pointed the two officers in the direction of suspect Steve McDonald who had found Tracy. They questioned him but his evidence appeared dubious. Steve and Becky McDonald had allowed Tracy almost instant custody of Amy Barlow but Steve was unable to tell the police the reason was that Tracy had found that the McDonalds had illegally “bought” youngster Max Turner off his neglectful mother, Becky’s half-sister Kylie.

They also questioned Nick Tilsley who had been embarrassed by Tracy in the Rovers by telling all and sundry that they had slept together and his mother and half-brother Gail and David (the latter having also slept with Tracy) but the two had previously agreed to give each other alibis.

When Tracy regained consciousness, she told Redfern and Moore that her attacker was Becky McDonald. She was arrested but this prompted a guilty Claire Peacock to step forward as the guilty party. Going to the police station to confess, Moore was unsympathetic to Claire's claim that she hadn't hit Tracy as such but that she had slipped during an altercation and banged her head by accident. Claire surrendered her passport and was released on bail.

Becky and Graeme Proctor told Claire that the police wouldn’t allow her to get away from them and suggested that she take up from where she left off with a plan she made with Ashley before he died and go to France but Claire at first refused. When the police called at the Rovers to pick up Claire she realised that her friends were right and they hid behind a bin in the ginnel while the occupants of the pub fed Redfern and Moore a story that she had gone to see her mum. After hearing that the police would be back at 9.00pm, Claire agreed to fall in with the plot. Redfern and Moore watched the pub from afar but the conspirators within had guessed their actions and set up a diversion by taking Tina McIntyre away in a taxi while Jason Grimshaw drove Claire and her sons, complete with forged passports, away from Weatherfield.

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