DC Morgan
DC Morgan
Occupation Detective constable
First appearance 19th November 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joe Simpson

DC Morgan was the officer assigned to speak to Roy Cropper whilst briefly recuperating at Weatherfield General after an incident at the canalside with Tony Gordon. Whilst down there on night-watch after a reported sighting of a bat colony nearby, Gordon followed him and, seeking revenge for informing police of the confession to his involvement in the murder of Liam Connor, fought with Roy and dropped him into the murky water. Although, a change of heart led Tony to dive in and pull Roy to safety.

Roy's wife Hayley reported the attack as attempted murder and, after Roy had been given the all clear at his check-up in the hospital, DC Morgan arrived to interview the Croppers. As Hayley told him that Tony Gordon was a highly dangerous man and walking the streets of Manchester, the officer informed them that Gordon was already in a custody suite after walking into the police station and handing himself in.

Taking away a signed statement from Roy regarding that evening's incident, DC Morgan explained that they would be putting the allegations to Gordon in the morning but may have to come back and conduct another interview with Roy.

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