DC Penman
DC Penman
Occupation Detective constable
First appearance 14th April 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by Keith Woodason

DC Penman and his colleague DC Rudd belonged to the stolen vehicle unit of Weatherfield Police and arrived in April 1995 after a tip-off from Rodney Bostock that the Mercedes owned by Mike Baldwin was stolen.

Ex-police officer Rodney was initially interested in purchasing the car, but after making his own inquiries, he told Mike of his findings and backed out of the purchase. However, eager to get rid of the dodgy motor, Mike offered to sell it to Rodney for £9,000 - half of its value - on the understanding that he didn't inform the police. Stating that he was neither bent or stupid, Rodney turned down the offer and shortly afterwards the officers arrived. The Mercedes was seized from the forecourt of MVB Motors and Mike was taken back to Weatherfield Police Station for questioning.

Some hours later, he was released without charge when it was finally believed that Mike had originally purchased the car in good faith.

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