DC Golding
DC Susan Golding
Occupation Detective constable
First appearance 27th January 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Catherine Grose

After Kevin and Sally Webster had found out that their eldest daughter, Rosie and her boyfriend Craig Harris had been sleeping together, the pair went to Weatherfield Police Station in January 2006 to report the matter.

DC Susan Golding was assigned to the case and spoke to the Websters in the station's interview room. Intent on getting Craig arrested, the officer established that the pair had started a sexual relationship just before Christmas but stated that until all the facts had been established, it was important not to apportion blame.

Golding and a male colleague arrived at 6 Coronation Street to speak to Craig's grandfather (and appointed guardian) Keith Appleyard - who sensitively explained about how difficult Craig's life had suddenly become since his father and sister were both dead and his mother was currently serving a long prison sentence - and how his grandson had come to rely on Rosie for love and support. Arriving back to No.6 with the officers still present in the house, the teenagers were upset that Rosie's parents had made a complaint and stormed straight over to the Websters' house.

Angry to discover that Craig had not been arrested, Sally confronted DC Golding as the officers were just about to leave the Street. She advised Sally that she would pass the matter onto the Child Protection Unit when she got back to the station, and it would be up to them to decide whether the complaint warranted further investigation. The officer explained that there was no evidence of abuse or coercion and, as Rosie and Craig were both the same age, it would be difficult to establish any form of exploitation.

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