DC Tandy
DC Tandy
Occupation Detective Constable
First appearance 19th September 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Colin Connor

DC Tandy, accompanied by three colleagues arrived at 8 Coronation Street to arrest David Platt in September 2007 on the suspicion of possession of a Class A drug. David's niece Bethany had been rushed to Weatherfield General after innocently swallowing an ecstasy tablet - a bag of which had been hidden inside one of her dolls by David, who was keeping the stash of drugs safe for his friend, Darryl Morton.

DC Tandy advised David's mother Gail that he and his fellow officers were allowed to search the premises under Section 32 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, and after Gail refused to accompany David, he was swiftly taken to Weatherfield Police Station.

David was interviewed by the DC who explained the seriousness of his wrongdoings. However, David lied to the police, saying that he'd got the drugs from some guy on the street. He was subsequently released from police custody having been issued with a formal warning.

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