Di conroy
DI Conroy
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 19th April 1976
Last appearance 21st April 1976
Number of appearances 2
Played by John Pickles

DI Conroy led a police raid on the Gatsby Club when they held a stag night in April 1976, not so much for the stripper acts, but because they continued serving drinks forty-five minutes after closing time. As uniformed officers spread out across the floor, Conroy mounted the stage and calmly announced into the microphone that people should stay in their seatsas nothing to be gained by making a run for it. As the names and addresses of the patrons were being taken he recognised Councillor Alf Roberts and made a wry comment to him that it was no good Alf coming up with a false answer as so many other people appeared to be doing. Ray Langton tried this ruse but Alf, knowing the game was up, volunteered both his and Ernie Bishop’s real details.

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