DI Smith
DI Smith
Occupation Detective Inspector
First appearance 18th April 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Susan Cormack

The Harris family moved to Weatherfield from Sheffield under a protection programme in November 2002, adopting the name of "Nelson" after mother Angela was the innocent witness to a murder committed by Tom Morgan in the pub where she worked. Tom's brothers, Nick and Andy traced the family and held daughter Katy at armed gunpoint in their house. At the end of the siege, Tommy Harris was shot in the arm and Katy was in a diabetic coma but recovered quickly once she was put on an insulin drip and returned home.

Although Nick Morgan had been apprehended by the police at the time, Andy had got away. DI Smith called to the Harrises home to say Andy was now also under lock and key and that the witness protection people would be in touch about the family's next move. Angela refused, saying that the worst of the Morgans were now caught and she felt safe enough for the family to come off the scheme and revert to their proper identity. DI Smith disagreed but told them that she hoped it would work out for them all.

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