DI Tristan Bowen arrested Tyrone Dobbs in a B&B on Anglesey where he, Fiz Stape and their daughters briefly stayed in February 2013. They were on the run after Tyrone had abducted his child Ruby Soames when his violet and abusive girlfriend Kirsty Soames had manipulated the situation to her benefit by getting him arrested on a charge of assaulting her and was denying him full access to Ruby after she discovered his affair with Fiz.

Unable to get out of the country, Tyrone and Fiz holed up in the B&B, awaiting a visit from Chesney Brown with spare cash to enable them to continue their escapade. When he bought it, he persuaded her that their situation was hopeless and it was Fiz herself who rang the police. They came to the B&B, demanding that Tyrone hand over his child and Bowen reminded him that he was already on bail for assault. Tyrone refused, saying that Ruby wasn't safe in the hands of his violent wife and Bowen promised that the child wouldn't come to any harm. When Fiz handed over her own daughter to a waiting policewoman, Tyrone realised that he'd been betrayed. She tried to persuade him that the best way of getting custody was the lawful way and gently took Ruby from him. She was then distraught as Tyrone was forcefully arrested for child abduction and handcuffed as Bowen read him his rights.