DS Cartwright
DS Cartwright
Occupation Detective sergeant
First appearance 17th March 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by James Quinn

DS Cartwright called into Skinner's Bookies in order to informally question Des Barnes over the allegation that his boss, Sean Skinner, had robbed and assaulted Steve McDonald on the evening of 4th March, 1995.

Skinner had been arrested by PC King a few days prior, but was released while police continued with their lines of inquiry. Eager to pin the crime on Skinner, the detective sergeant was disappointed when, after probing Des, got no further with the investigation as Des denied seeing or hearing anything untoward taking place whilst at the dogs with Sean at the time in question.

Tracing the complainant outside MVB Print in Coronation Street, Cartwright informed Steve that Des was unable to back up his story and it was now a case of his word against Sean's. The two men finally came to an "agreement" when Steve offered to pay back the rest of his debt at £20 per week. DS Cartwright caught up again with Steve in the Rovers that evening after he'd left a telephone message at the police station, and informed Cartwright that he was dropping all charges against Sean. After Steve confirmed that he would go to the police station first thing in the morning to make a statement, Cartwright warned him about wasting police time.

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