DS Dave O'Grady
Occupation Detective sergeant
First appearance 9th July 1997
Last appearance 9th November 1997
Number of appearances 8
Played by Ronnie Leek

DS Dave O'Grady was the police officer who called at 11 Coronation Street to take Steve McDonald in for questioning over some stolen whisky in July 1997. Steve wasn't involved but was held for forty-eight hours. Helping out friend and fellow officer Alan McKenna, O'Grady brought Steve in again during September on a fictitious drugs charge as a warning to leave Weatherfield.

O'Grady returned again in November of the same year to organise Alan's stag party for his upcoming marriage with Fiona Middleton. He helped to throw a drunken Jim McDonald out of St. Luke's Church when he interrupted the ceremony by pleading with Fiona not to marry Alan. O'Grady made Alan see that Fiona must have been in a mess to sleep with Jim and urged him to make sure he really didn't want her or the baby before he threw everything away.

List of appearancesEdit


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