DS Duncan
DS Duncan
Occupation Detective
First appearance 5th April 2004
Last appearance 5th April 2004
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jim Millea

Dev Alahan's cousin, Naveen got him into trouble in April 2004 when he called on feelings and traditions of family loyalty and persuaded him to hide thousands of pounds worth of stolen watches for him. Fiancée Maya Sharma initially wasn't let in on the negotiation between the two men and was livid when she found out. Dev protested that she didn't understand the obligations of helping out a family member when he was in trouble.

The watches were secreted in a holdall in the back of the Corner Shop and Maya was on the premises when DS Duncan and a junior CID colleague called in, looking for Dev. They tried to intimidate Maya but she was too cool for them and demanded that they obtain a search warrant before they looked over the shop. Dev arrived on the scene and they took him away for questioning while Maya tried to get the holdall off the premises, only to find a police car parked outside. When DS Duncan returned later, Maya passed off the holdall as her gym kit and refused to let them look inside it, pointing out that their warrant wouldn't cover her personal possessions. Dev was let go by the police and found Maya and the holdall back at his flat, where she demanded that he get rid of the goods, He did so, without telling her exactly where the watches had gone and bought her a watch as an apology but complete with receipt to prove its authenticity.

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