DS Hayton
DS Hayton
Occupation Detective
First appearance 28th October 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul David-Gough

When Sarah Platt was badly injured in a joyriding accident in a car driven by Aidan Critchley and stolen from Ken Barlow, everyone was suspicious of Aidan but as his fingerprints were on the vehicle legitimately having carried out work experience at Coronation Street Garage, the police had no positive proof of his involvement. Nevertheless they took him away for questioning during one of Ken's lessons, much to his satisfaction. To his horror though, Aidan was quickly released and came back into the class, as cocky as ever and taunting Ken that the liberalism of several decades perpetuated by people like him had enabled Aidan to get off scot-free. Driven beyond endurance, Ken forgot his principles enough to punch the lad and break his nose. Aidan reported the assault to the police and Ken was arrested at home by DS Hayton. Released on bail, he appeared at Weatherfield Magistrates Court in January 2003 where he pleaded guilty and received a conditional discharge for a period of twelve months.

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