DS Major
DS Major
Occupation Detective sergeant
First appearance 26th February 2003
Last appearance 2nd April 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Shaun McGowan

PC Major was involved into the investigation of the Richard Hillman murders. After Richard confessed his crimes to Gail, she went with Audrey Roberts straight to the police station where she gave them a full rundown of what she had been told. Among the evidence was a bracelet that Richard had given Gail and which she later found out had belonged to his ex-wife Patricia. One of the major points of suspicion that led her to demand that Richard tell her the truth was overhearing Steve McDonald telling Karen that the item of jewellery had been found on the ground at The Ridings flat conversion when work was taking place on the foundations. As Richard had told Gail that he’d killed Patricia at The Ridings, PC Major took the bracelet to Steve and asked him to show them the spot where it had been “found”. Steve did so, the spot was excavated and Patricia’s buried body was found.

When Janice Battersby began a relationship with policeman Mick Hopwood in December 2002, her separated husband Les was angry and jealous as he was continuously hoping for a reconciliation with her. At every opportunity, he goaded the couple and while Janice was able to shrug off his insults, Mick's skin wasn't so thick and Les's jibes started to get to him. Out on traffic patrol with fellow copper Emma Watts one day, they stopped Les when he drove through a red light in his Street Cars taxi. Les immediately complained of victimisation and when he stated that Janice had been with so many men that he was surprised that Mick hadn't caught something, the policemen set about viciously assaulting him. Emma was stunned by Mick's actions but he quickly circumvented her by claiming Les started the altercation and quickly read Les his rights i.e. formally arresting him, before Emma could stop him. Back-up was called and Les was taken away. After a night in the cells, Les was interviewed by newly promoted DS Major in the presence of his solicitor Wendy Clements. Emma and Mick and synchronised their written statements by this time and Les's protests of innocence were ignored. He was bailed to appear at Weatherfield Crown Court at a later date.

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