DS Miller
DS Miller
Occupation Police Detective Sergeant
First appearance 13th December 2010
Last appearance 24th December 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sean Wilton

DS Miller questioned Nick Tilsley after a gas explosion destroyed his newly-opened bar The Joinery in December 2010. The resultant damage to the viaduct caused a tram to derail into the Street hitting the Corner Shop and The Kabin in the process and killing four people, including Ashley Peacock and Molly Dobbs. Miller had already spoken to barman Ciaran McCarthy who had told him that he had reported a problem with the gas stove in the kitchen to Nick but there was no record of Nick reporting the issue to the gas people. Nick stated that he thought it was a simple problem with the stove and hadn’t realised that it was a legal requirement to report such matters. He then realised that he was probably to blame for the entire chain of events.

A week later, Miller caught up with Nick in the Rovers and told him that the investigation had shown that the gas equipment had proved to be faulty and that the explosion had not been caused by human error. He was therefore deemed not to be culpable in any way.

The character was credited as “Police Detective” but named in dialogue in his first appearance.

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