DS Scott was the leading detective who was investigating the death of Kasia Barowicz at Underworld in April 2007. Kasia had accidentally fallen down the stairs in the factory as she was just about to finish working a night shift getting a big order for a client dispatched. Knowing that they would be in serious trouble if the authorities found out that Kasia had worked twenty hours that day and the fatal accident happened before her legal clocking-in time, Paul Connor decided that the best course of action would be to phone the ambulance just after 8am and told wife Carla and brother Liam to stick to the same story - that the accident happened within her legitimate working hours.

DS Scott separately interviewed the three members of the Connor family and informed them collectively that the case seemed pretty straightforward and with regard to how long the factory would remain closed all depended on how long the Health and Safety investigation took, as the forensics would be wrapped up that day and that Kasia's body was going to be taken off for post mortem. The officer thanked Paul and Liam for their cooperation, stating that their evidence was consistent with events. The detective asked them to give him a ring at the station if they managed to obtain any contact details for Kasia's husband or other family members in Poland.