DS Woodhead
DS Woodhead
Occupation Detective
First appearance 13th September 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jason Furnival

When a deal between Mike Baldwin and Dev Alahan's cousin, Naveen went badly wrong due his cheque bouncing and his firm going into receivership and threatening the financial future of Underworld, Mike's number two, Joe Carter decided to exact his own form of revenge, partially due to Joe's previous rivalry with Dev over Geena Gregory. He offered Steve McDonald £200 to help him shift some stock but this was ruse to get an unhappy Steve's help to break into Naveen's factory and steal the delivered stock. The heist was successful but Naveen reported the matter to the police. DS Woodhead turned up at Underworld to investigate and spoke with Mike Baldwin who had not been made aware of Joe's plan until the 5,000 pairs of knickers had been safely returned. Although angry with Joe, he made up a fake delivery order that the items were not due to be sent to Naveen until the following Monday and thus made it appear as if an insurance scam was being pulled. As Joe had stolen the real paperwork from Naveen's warehouse along with the items themselves, there was no proof available that a real theft had taken place. As far as Underworld was concerned, the matter was dropped.

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