Damian ogden
Damian Ogden
Born August 1973
Residence Avondale Avenue, Chesterfield
Father Trevor Ogden
Mother Polly Ogden
Sibling(s) Jayne Ogden
First appearance 27th June 1983
Last appearance 29th June 1983
Number of appearances 2
Played by Neil Ratcliffe

Damian Ogden was the son of Trevor and Polly Ogden and grandson of Stan and Hilda Ogden.

Damian was born in August 1973, during which time Stan and Hilda were estranged from their son and didn't know he was married. Polly and Trevor lived in a detached house in Chesterfield, far removed from the working class community Trevor ran away from when he was fifteen. Stan and Hilda re-entered his life at Christmas 1973 when they tracked him down, and they were thrilled to learn that they were grandparents again (their first grandchild, Darren Barlow, was killed in a road accident in 1970), although subsequently Stan and Hilda were only contacted when the younger Ogdens wanted something, such as in December 1975 when Hilda was called on to look after Trevor and Damian while a heavily pregnant Polly was in hospital with Toxaemia. A month later, Damian's younger sister Jayne was born.

In June 1983, Trevor brought Damian to Weatherfield to stay overnight with Stan and Hilda while he went to Chester for a job interview. The Ogdens were pleased to have Damian for the night although Stan suspected Trevor had a hidden agenda as they'd recently claimed an inheritance from Hilda's brother Archie Crabtree. Hilda hoped Stan was wrong but Trevor did indeed ask for a loan the next day, which Hilda turned down.

In October 1986, Hilda was drafted in again when Trevor and Polly went on holiday for two weeks without the kids.

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