Dan (Episode 6579)
Occupation Camera shop assistant
First appearance 18th June 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Liam Tobin

When Claire Peacock was desperate to prove Casey Carswell's existence to husband Ashley, she was highly optimistic that a disposable camera - which had been found under the seat in their car by Tyrone Dobbs when the car had been at Websters' Auto Centre for a service - would hold a picture of Casey. Claire maintained it was she who had deliberately started a fire at their house the previous month.

Ashley had already handed in the camera to have the pictures developed and the pair raced back to the "20 Min Photos" store in order to collect their prints. Shop assistant Dan advised them that the photographs were already in the machine and would probably take another half an hour. As an impatient Claire and Ashley asked if he could speed the process up, Dan helpfully pointed out that they should have paid an extra £2 for the company's twenty-minute service and unsuccessfully tried to sell the couple a high-spec digital camera that was on special offer.

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