Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly
First appearance 11th November 2002
Last appearance 12th September 2003
Number of appearances 3
Played by Robert Curbishley

Dan Kelly was an old friend of Lucy Richards, who was conducting an affair with Peter Barlow. Peter was jealous of Dan's friendship with Lucy who he met one night in November 2002 when he managed to get away for a few hours from girlfriend Shelley Unwin to see her at her flat. Seemingly an ex of Lucy's, she used him to rile Peter who had let her down for a weekend assignation. Her ploy worked and after Dan had left behind the icy atmosphere in the flat, Peter asked Lucy not to see him again. She, however, wouldn't make any such firm promises.

Ten months later, after Peter had entered into a bigamous marriage with Shelley a short time after also tying the knot with Lucy, and after their son Simon had been born, Lucy found out that Peter was still seeing Shelley (although knowing nothing of the second marriage) and kicked him out. As she made access to Simon difficult, he tried to see her and was angry to see that she was back with Dan who was holding his baby son. Lucy refused to confirm the terms of her relationship with Dan and Peter threatened to take action to get more access. She told him he had little chance of succeeding and suggested he take the situation more calmly. Lucy's relationship, such as it was with Dan, fizzled out soon afterwards.

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