Dane Everton was the short-term supplier of Izzy Armstrong's cannabis.

Izzy got her ex-partner Gary Windass to buy her some cannabis because she needed it for pain relief. When Gary bought her some from Dane, it was an extra strong mixture and Izzy took a really bad reaction. Gary's mother Anna disapproved their actions, so she took their son Jake to stay with her until Izzy was clean.

About a fortnight later, Izzy needed more and begged to Gary to get her another supply. Gary called Dane and arranged to meet him at V Court Fitness. Once Dane arrived, he asked to see Gary and as they conducted their business outside the establishment, gym owners Sharif Nazir and Dev Alahan began getting suspicious of their actions as Sharif witnessed something pass between them on CCTV.

A couple of days later, Gary bought more drugs for Izzy, however they were caught in the act by the police and both searched. Dane was found to be clean and was free to go, but Gary was found with a quarter of cannabis and arrested for possession. As Gary was undergoing lengthy questioning at Weatherfield Police Station, Izzy also arrived and tried to explain that the cannabis was for her.

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