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Daniel Osbourne
Born 4th January 1995
Birthplace Weatherfield
Father Ken Barlow
Mother Denise Osbourne
Sibling(s) Lawrence Cunningham (half-brother)
Peter Barlow (half-brother)
Susan Barlow (half-sister)
Tracy Barlow (adoptive sister)
First appearance 4th January 1995
Last appearance 8th June 2007
Duration 1995-1997, 2007
Number of appearances 103
Played by Lewis Harney (1995-1997)
Dominic Holmes (2007)

Daniel Albert Osbourne was the sole survivor of Denise Osbourne and Ken Barlow's twins (the other died when she was five months pregnant). He faced an uncertain future after his mother deserted him in 1995, running away with her lover, Brian Dunkley, and leaving Ken holding the baby. Some months later, Denise and Brian returned and gained custody of Daniel, taking him to live with them in Scotland. As time passed, Ken lost touch with his son.

In 2007, Denise contacted Ken to offer her sympathy after reading about his daughter Tracy's murder conviction. He learned that Daniel and his mother, now no longer with Brian, lived nearby. While his marriage to Deirdre went through a rocky patch, Ken went to stay with Denise and Daniel, but Daniel struggled to bond with his father. Eventually they became closer before Ken returned to Deirdre.

Ken has remained in contact with Daniel since then but it would appear that he is not especially willing to be open about him. When he met his long-lost first son Lawrence Cunningham, Ken neglected to tell him about Daniel leaving other son Peter to announce his existence in the Rovers Return. During a discussion between Ken and Deirdre about Daniel in 2011, Peter's son Simon asked who he was, to which Deirdre replied "a relative".

In December 2011, Ken left the Street for a few days to visit Daniel.

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