Danielle Spencer
Danielle Spencer
Occupation Aromatherapist
Mother Lillian Spencer
Sibling(s) Timothy Spencer
First appearance 8th July 2002
Last appearance 10th July 2002
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kelly Wenham

Danielle Spencer was the spoilt daughter of Lillian Spencer, the relief landlady of the Rovers Return Inn for several weeks in July 2002 who came into the pub at the urgent behest of owner Fred Elliott. Her supposed job was as an Aromatherapist but little evidence of this was seen in her brief stay in Coronation Street. Instead she was offered a job behind the bar by her mother with who she joined in vicious sniping sessions about but behind the backs of the regulars of the pub, only showing any honesty when she and Lillian discussed how they had "Fat Fred" wrapped around their fingers. Their stay was brief as Lillian was given a position at a coaching inn in Marple which she considered far superior socially to a back street pub.

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