Danny Baldwin
Occupation Businessman
Born 14th May 1962
Father Mike Baldwin
Mother Viv Baldwin
Sibling(s) Mark Redman (half-brother)
Adam Barlow (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Carol Baldwin (1979)
Frankie Baldwin (1986)
Children Jamie Baldwin (1980)
Warren Baldwin (1986)
First appearance 31st May 2004
Last appearance 31st December 2006
Duration 2004-2006
Number of appearances 391
Played by Bradley Walsh

Daniel "Danny" Baldwin is the son of Mike Baldwin who appeared from 2004 to 2006.

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Danny moved to Weatherfield to help Mike with Underworld. His wife, Frankie, (who previously cheated on him) turned up when she wanted them to get back together, followed by his sons, Jamie and Warren. Danny had a brief fling with Sunita Parekh when he first arrived but Sunita didn't know he was married and was very hurt when Frankie arrived. The Baldwins bought 7 Coronation Street from Blanche Hunt.

Danny's "dad" Harry passed away, and he decided to look after his mother, Viv. However she dropped a bombshell to her brother-in-law Mike that she'd kept secret for years; Mike was Danny's biological father. Danny then embarked on an affair with Leanne Battersby who was dating his son Jamie. When this finally became public, Jamie was heartbroken. Frankie kicked her husband out, so Danny and Leanne briefly lived together at 18a Victoria Street.

Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Danny, at first, was determined to use Mike's illness to gain control of his assets. With that in mind, he got power of attorney but as Mike's condition deteriorated, Danny's emotions and guilt got in the way and he was genuinely upset at his decline. Mike's death hit him hard. Leanne found a more recent copy of Mike's will in his belongings - leaving everything to Adam and used it to blackmail Danny for £100,000. She left when he threw her out of Mike's flat. Danny continued to try to reconcile with Frankie and almost managed to but was shocked and appalled to discover she was having an affair with Jamie. Danny went off the rails, sold his share of the factory to Paul Connor, who had already bought Adam's share, and left for London.


"You call that fast? I was being overtaken by a milk float... you want to peddle harder. Is this it?" (First line, to Mike Baldwin)


"Hang on a minute blondie. Calm down. All right?" (First meeting with Les Battersby)


"Not bad hey? Yeah, not bad at all!" (Final line, to a mystery woman)

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