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Danny burrows
Danny Burrows
Occupation Mechanic
Spouse(s) Sandra Burrows
First appearance 18th March 1974
Last appearance 22nd April 1974
Number of appearances 11
Played by Ian Liston

Danny Burrows was a mechanic who persuaded Lucille Hewitt to move in with him in 1974. When they met, Danny had been estranged from his wife Sandra for six months, separating over Danny's refusal to have children. Lucille didn't find out Sandra's about existence until Billy Walker, a friend of Lucille's and Danny's employer at the Canal Garage, found out that Danny was married after seeing his P45. When confronted by Lucille, Danny lied that he had been separated from Sandra for eighteen months, which was enough to convince Lucille to stay with him.

Danny faced a problem when Lucille's former guardian Annie Walker took an interest in their relationship. Danny had no interest in Lucille's baggage but went to tea at the Rovers and allowed Annie to inspect their bedsit. By this time, Lucille was wondering what Danny had in mind for their future but just as they began discussing it, Sandra re-appeared to press Danny over missed maintenance payments. With Lucille now in possession of all the facts, coupled with Danny's reluctance to take things further, Lucille ended their relationship and moved out. Danny quit his job at the garage a few days later.

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