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Danny burrows
Danny Burrows
Occupation Mechanic
Spouse(s) Sandra Burrows
First appearance 18th March 1974
Last appearance 17th April 1974
Number of appearances 10
Played by Ian Liston

Danny Burrows was a boyfriend of Lucille Hewitt with whom she lived for a few weeks in 1974. A mechanic and motorbike lover, Danny had been estranged from his wife Sandra for six months when he met Lucille, separating over Danny's refusal to have children. Lucille moved out of her friend Lorraine Binks's to live with Danny in his bedsit, but didn't tell anyone back in Coronation Street that she'd moved in case the news reached her former guardian Annie Walker.

In March, Danny got a job at the Canal Garage, not realising that his new boss Billy Walker was Annie's son and virtually an older brother to Lucille. From his P45, Billy discovered that Danny was married and passed this news onto Lucille, who had no idea that her partner had a wife. When Lucille confronted him, Danny lied that he'd been separated from Sandra for eighteen months and refused to get a divorce due to the expense. Lucille believed Danny when he assured her that Sandra was gone from his life and agreed to stay with him.

Another bump in the road surfaced when Lucille told Annie about her living arrangements (leaving out the part about Danny being married) and Annie then took an interest in their relationship. Danny was afraid that she would interfere but against his better judgement, he went to tea at the Rovers to meet her and allowed her to inspect their bedsit. His instincts were right; Annie tried to convince the couple to live with her at the Rovers and put the idea of marriage in Lucille's head. As Danny tried to put Lucille off, Sandra made a surprise appearance at the bedsit to press Danny over missed maintenance payments. Lucille realised that Danny and Sandra still kept tabs on each other, and with Danny uninterested in freeing himself up to make a future with her possible, Lucille broke up with him and moved out. Danny quit his job at the garage a few days later.

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