Actor Darren Whitfield (born 31st October 1968), appeared on Coronation Street as a Party Reveller in December 2006; although this role was uncredited.

Brought up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, he attended Wombwell High School and latterly Barnsley College. At an early age he knew he wanted to be involved in television and films, but it was his writing that initially showed promise having a comedy gameshow made in to a pilot by Yorkshire Television, who are part of the ITV network. Although never commissioned for a series, it showed his writing potential and has since gone on to write many comedy sketches and gags for TV and radio.

In 2010 he was forced to take a lengthy break from acting due to a serious injury he sustained while playing football. He did, however, utilize this time to do more writing, and started work on a script for comedy drama based in South Yorkshire.

His other credits include roles in The Ghost Squad, Bradford Riots, The Outsiders, Shameless, Cold Blood 2, Mobile, Wired, Emmerdale, Superman: Requiem and Towheads.

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