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Darryl the Rat
Died 20th February 2017
First appearance 24th February 2012
Last appearance 20th February 2017
Played by Uncredited

Darryl is Craig Tinker's pet rat who once escaped to the Rovers Return Inn while there was a hygiene inspection. Darryl was later caught and the Rovers passed the inspection. Apparently, according to a funny comment made by Craig's mother Beth, Darryl is named after Craig's father.

In December 2012, after being kicked out of the flat above the bookies; Kirk Sutherland, Beth, Craig and Darryl moved in with Kirk's sister Maria and her boyfriend Marcus Dent so that they would have somewhere to live during the festive period. Maria kept asking Craig if Darryl would escape from his cage.

Since moving into No.5, Darryl has been living in his cage on the sideboard in the living room.

In February 2017 Darryl died after he received an electric shock after nibbling through cables at the Victoria Court apartments, which led to the lift shutting off and trapping a pregnant Leanne Battersby and her step-sister Toyah, which had resulted in her going into labour. Maintenance workers found Darryl's corpse and later gave it to Tim Metcalfe whom they noticed was looking for a missing rat.

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