Darts player
Darts Player
First appearance 5th October 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by William Tarmey

The Darts Player was an unnamed character whose elbow hit the bar flap of the Rovers Return Inn causing it to crash down on the fingers of Ernest Bishop who had just been asked to go and accompany Rita Fairclough in a singing engagement at the Gatsby Club. The Player's only comment after he apologised was to complain that the flap should have had a safety catch on it, much to Betty Turpin's disgust. Ernie's injured fingers meant that he was unable to fulfill the engagement and his replacement, a lady called Fay, could only play standards like, She'll be coming round the mountain..., which was hardly Rita's repertoire.

The role is notable for being the first part credited to William Tarmey (billed on this occasion as "Bill Tarmey") who two years later would make his debut as Jack Duckworth, one of the longest-running characters in the programme's history.

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