Dave (Episode 7606)
Occupation Mechanical technician
First appearance 20th May 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Keeling

Dave was a mechanical technician from Chilcott's who was asked by Kevin Webster to check over the new hydraulic lift at Websters' Auto Centre which had malfunctioned and hospitalised him during May 2011.

Business partner Tyrone Dobbs was irked when Kevin took delivery of a hydraulic lift during the previous day and attacked the machinery in a fit of anger, but failed to notice that hydraulic fluid had began leaking from a cable. As Kevin worked on a vehicle up on the ramps, he got the bottom of his overalls caught in the machinery but as he powered up the equipment to free himself, the hydraulics malfunctioned and he was ultimately crushed by the vehicle above him.

Dave found that there was no fault with installation and concluded that the machine had been damaged in a deliberate act. Having taken photographs for his report, he pointed out to Tyrone and Jason Grimshaw that the hydraulic pipe had been forcefully cracked at its weakest point.

Tyrone later confessed to friend and co-worker Tommy Duckworth that he had broken the lift, but never intended to hurt Kevin.

Credited as "Technician", the character's first name was revealed in dialogue.

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