Dave craig
Dave Craig
Occupation Burgler alarm fitter
Spouse(s) A wife
First appearance 6th April 1988
Last appearance 20th April 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Alan Hulse

Dave Craig was a burglar alarm fitter who made the mistake of employing Alan Bradley in March 1988. Dave had been a general electrician before switching to burglar alarms in 1987. Not long after starting work with Dave, Alan asked him if he'd consider going into partnership with him, although Dave refused as he feared they'd disagree on things and the business would suffer.

Despite being new to the business, Alan felt he'd already mastered it and was undeterred by Dave's refusal. Using £6,000 loaned to him by Rita Fairclough, intended by Rita to be used to go into partnership with Dave, Alan bought a car to set himself up in business. Two weeks later, Dave discovered that Alan was poaching his customers and turned up at 7 Coronation Street to have it out with him. He didn't find Alan on this occasion but he put Rita in the picture about Alan's real plans. He later found Alan at the Rovers with Rita, but when accused of stealing Dave's customers, Alan didn't care and called Dave an old woman. Dave kept on at him, causing Alan to lose his temper and throw Dave out of the Rovers. Dave was shaken by the encounter, and didn't pursue the matter further.

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