Dave Sparks was a salesman who got too close for comfort to a married Audrey Roberts in 1989.

Dave and Audrey met at OWD Betts, a wine bar in the countryside where Dave and his friend Terry Conway had gone on a lunch date. Smouldering after being dumped by Mike Baldwin for a younger woman, Alma Sedgewick had gone out with Audrey to take her mind off Mike. Audrey had just reminded Alma of the old adage that there were plenty of fish in the sea when Terry and Dave introduced themselves and sat with the ladies. Dave was the quieter of the two, but was reeled into the conversation when Audrey asked about his job.

Alma and Terry had hit it off and arranged a date at a nightclub, but after hearing that Dave would be there, Alma talked Audrey into coming along, against Audrey's better judgement. Dave was pleased to see Audrey again, not being put off at all by her obvious discomfort. He enjoyed getting the chance to talk to her one-on-one but respected her decision to stick to mineral water and leave early - which she actually did so that she would make it home before Alf, who had gone to a grocers' function and believed Audrey to be having a quiet night in.

A few days later, while touring the local smaller retail outlets, Dave turned up at the Corner Shop to try and sell Alf skin and haircare products. Knowing nothing about either, Alf brought Dave into the shop to get Audrey's opinion. Realising immediately what was going on, Dave didn't give the game away, but he used the situation to secure a sale by saying he'd been in the shop while Alf wasn't there and hadn't wanted to take advantage of Audrey on her own. Not wanting to risk getting Dave's back up, Audrey gave her approval for Alf to make an order, but privately Dave assured her that his turning up there had been a coincidence.

The character was credited with a surname in his last appearance only. Other episodes credit him as "Dave".

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