David Kester

David Kester has worked as a director on Coronation Street since May 1999 including producing and directing the 2010 spin-off DVD A Knight's Tale. To date, he has directed 346 episodes of the main programme, one of them a double episode. This number includes twelve episodes co-credited with Ian Bevitt, five with Kay Patrick and one with Tony Prescott.

He has both produced and directed episodes of EastEnders, and his other directorial credits include The Royal, Footballers Wives Extra Time, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, University Challenge, This Morning, You've Been Framed and Stars in Their Eyes.

Episodes directed by David KesterEdit


1999 (20 episodes)


2000 (25 episodes)

2001 (38 episodes)

2002 (30 episodes)

2003 (16 episodes)

2004 (20 episodes)

2005 (13 episodes)

2009 (35 episodes)


2010 (26 episodes)

2011 (20 episodes)

2012 (28 episodes)

2013 (23 episodes)

2014 (19 episodes)

2015 (10 episodes)

2016 (10 episodes)

2017 (13 episodes)

Other Coronation Street related worksEdit

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