Davina Dawes
Davina Dawes
First appearance 4th September 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Amy Stratton

Davina Dawes was a girl that Dev Alahan picked up in an unspecified nightclub and spent the night with. Like other of his conquests, she expected a slightly longer-term relationship and turned up in the Corner Shop looking for "Des". He wasn't pleased to see "Diana" who wanted to go to another club with him but he used the excuse that he had a traders' association meeting to attend. Sunita Parekh "helpfully" offered to go in his place but he snapped back at her that it was for managers only, Davina was sent on her way. Sunita was both amused and appalled by Dev's treatment of the women in his life but she also began to wonder if she was falling for him herself.

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