Dawn perks
Dawn Perks
Occupation Barmaid
First appearance 5th September 1977
Last appearance 14th September 1977
Number of appearances 4
Played by Jeanette Wild

Dawn Perks arrived in the Street for an interview with Annie Walker at the Rovers, after Betty Turpin had walked out due to a misunderstanding with Annie over missing money. Dawn lived near Alf Roberts and Alf had recommended her to Annie after finding out that she was looking for work. At her interview, Dawn was timid and dowdy-looking, and impressed Annie with her ten years experience working in hotels and bars. Annie thought she'd be a welcome presence in the Rovers and gave her the job on the spot - but when Dawn arrived for work that evening she was transformed, wearing a low-cut dress and a face full of make-up.

Once Dawn had started in the job, Annie went to Jersey to visit her son Billy, leaving Bet Lynch in charge and asking her to get along with Dawn. There was an instant personality clash as the punters ignored Bet in favour of new girl Dawn, who lapped up the male attention. As Bet was in charge, she got her own back by making Dawn empty the ashtrays. Dawn wasn't happy but did as she was told, however once Bet found out that Betty Turpin wanted to return to her job, she stepped up her vendetta by telling Dawn to clean the toilets. Dawn saw through Bet's pettiness and, accusing her of being jealous, bragged about her date with Bet's ex Mike Baldwin before walking out, telling Bet she was welcome to the tatty old pub.

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