Dazz bailey
Dazz Bailey
First appearance 14th September 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Elgie

Dazz Bailey was a friend of Terry Duckworth. When Terry returned to Weatherfield in 1988, he saw Dazz about getting a job at his place, however there were no vacancies at that time. Terry also recruited Dazz in a trick he was playing on Kevin and Sally Webster - making Sally think Kevin had a bit on the side - by getting Dazz to go into the Corner Shop and tell Sally to get Kevin to "keep his rotten 'ands off my girlfriend". Sally was so rattled by this that she closed the shop and dragged Kevin home to hear what he had to say for himself. The truth came out that afternoon when Mandy Turner, who Terry had also used in the plot, told Sally that he was behind it all.

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